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Plastic Market Downstream Pick-Up Not Obvious Overall Trading Atmosphere Light

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Plastic spot market price is firm, "off-season" is not light. August 9, pp plastic, PVC plastic market continued to rally, the two plastic market is expected to continue to the good. Recently. PS Plastic, ABS plastic, PE plastic "performance" flat, the overall atmosphere is still flat. Today is expected to still be a small concussion, the overall stability-oriented. Although the plastic market mentality is supported, but downstream demand did not rebound significantly, the overall exchange atmosphere is still relatively light. Middlemen make a piecemeal replenishment, and recommend careful control of inventory.

PE is expected to market a small concussion today

Yesterday the market price was narrow, crude oil to boost the mentality of inflation, linear futures higher volatility, business reluctant psychological obvious, the majority of solid-looking, terminal demand follow-up slow, just need to purchase is still the mainstream, all over the market reference: the Yanshan market in a narrow range, the oil 7042 reported 9100 yuan/ton, the Shanghai market a narrow range of Zhenhai 7042 sent to the newspaper 9250-9270 Yuan/ton, Shantou market collation-oriented, Fu Lian 7042 no tax 8750 yuan/ton.

PP is expected to continue to the market today.

Yesterday, the market price rose, crude oil and polypropylene futures high operation, oil and petrochemical Department of the company to increase the ex-factory price, supply cost support strength, traders continue to high newspaper, observe market reaction, downstream demand is still more general, trading atmosphere is difficult to boost, the market reference: Hebei market slightly higher, Ningxia t30s newspaper 8100 Yuan/ton, Hangzhou market price rose, Zhenhai t30s reported 8650 yuan/ton, Guangzhou market prices rose, Baofeng S1003 reported 8350 yuan/ton.

PVC expects market price to stabilize today

Market continued to rally yesterday, the offer continues to probe high. Calcium carbide prices to support the market mentality, business homeopathy high, but the market has not been significantly active trading. Downstream performance is not positive, the factory's ability to accept the high price is limited, the real deal is still just need to dominate. Market Reference: Changzhou market price increases, ordinary 5-type electric stone mainstream reported 5900-5950 yuan/ton mention; Qilu Chemical City Market offer continued to rise, at present the ethylene material including tax report: S1000 reported 5930 yuan/ton, Shantou market offer up, big sell 1000/800 type 6120 yuan/ton.

PS expected market price stability in today's consolidation

Yesterday, the overall performance of the market stable, individual prices rebounded slightly. Traders intent to ship mainly in the hands of the general supply, the actual deal a single talk. Downstream to avoid the city to see more, the game is deadlocked. Quotes: Shantou Market quote slightly higher, PG33 up 50 yuan to 8750 yuan/ton; The Dongguan market quotes individual small rise, 622 up 50 yuan to 9050 yuan/ton; Shunde market price fluctuation is not small, Guangzhou 525 reported 8200 Yuan/ton.

ABS is expected to be a big market today

Yesterday the overall atmosphere of the market is still flat, individual price small move. Business mentality stable to the good, the real deal is temporarily not much, most of the supply is normal. Downstream users continue to purchase on demand, transactions generally, the market is not enough support. Quotes: Shantou Market quote Big steady small rise, D190 up 50 yuan to 10200 yuan/ton; Shunde market price is basically stable, Ning 121H reported 10130 yuan/ton, Dongguan market quotation horizontal plate collation, 757K fell 20 yuan to 10500 yuan/ton.

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