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Plastic Machine Industry To Focus On Science And Technology Can Usher In The Development Of Spring

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Industry insiders pointed out that China's plastic granulator industry in the future has a huge excavation development space, in particular, some high-tech, good performance, relatively moderate price models, such as oversize, precision, special injection molding machine for the production of high permeability and heat-resistant packaging materials such as multi-layer coextrusion blow molding machine, production of industrial products (auto parts, etc.) Blow molding machinery, etc., have very good prospects for development.

However, plastic machinery enterprises in their respective camps, mutual ventilation, capital investment is also in accordance with the understanding of the market and the enterprise's own development strategy to implement. Lack of enterprise technology, competitiveness is not strong shortage of industry standards and industry leading enterprises may be the plastic industry into over-investment, bad circulation vortex become a common phenomenon.

2005 before and after IS can be said to be plastic machinery enterprise development of the golden period, when the birth of plastic enterprises Bhing, however, because the plastic machinery enterprises want to develop their own, each other, did not co-operate, just led to the industry and the best opportunity to pass by. And now the whole technology of plastic machinery industry has matured, but in the lack of communication and sharing of the environment, the industrial chain structure is not perfect, large-scale promotion is still not realistic.

So far, the national plastic machinery production enterprises have developed to more than 1000, but with a certain size, strength of about 400 enterprises, compared with foreign developed countries, China, although the total consumption of plastic products has ranked second in the world, but the per capita plastic consumption compared with developed countries is very large.

In recent years, with the development of China's petrochemical industry, China's plastic machinery industry has gradually formed an independent industrial sector, also by the downstream products enterprises, the rapid development of China's plastic machinery industry, has become the global plastic machinery production of the first major country, however, the precision of China's plastic machinery is still deficient, Competitiveness is not strong, the domestic high-end precision enterprises are mainly occupied by foreign enterprises.

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